Earn Rs.30000 or more by taking post office franchisees

Postal Department ‘India Post’  offering franchisee to open a post office. You can earn a lot by selling  post office products. Through franchisees, you can take commission by selling stamps, stationery, speed post articles, money orders, savings certificates, etc., which will be your regular income form.

Who can take the franchisee

– Any person, Institutions, Organizations or other entities such as Corner Shop,
Grocers, Stationery Shop, Small Shopkeepers etc. can take Post Office Franchisee.
Besides this, new start industrial centers, colleges, polytechnics, universities, professional colleges etc. can also take franchisees.
To get franchisee, the form has to be submitted. Those selected will have to sign an MOU with the department.

– The person must be at least 18 years of age.
– Minimum Qualification is 8th pass.
– Forms and more information can be obtained from https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/DOP_PDFFiles/Franchise.pdf.

 How much security deposit

Minimum Security Deposit is Rs 5000 for taking post office franchisees. This is based on the possible maximum level of financial transactions performed by the franchisees in a day. Later, this average increases on the basis of daily revenues. Security deposit is taken in the form of NSC.

Franchise can sell these below products and services

1. Stamps and stationery
2. Bookings of Registered Articles, Speed ​​Post Articles, Money Order. However, there will be no money order of less than Rs 100
3. Postal Life Insurance (PLI), as well as a collection of premiums such as after-sale services available
4. Retail service like collection and payment of bills / taxes / penalties
5. E-Governance and Citizen Centric Service
6. The marketing of products for which the department has taken the corporate agency higher or tie-up. As well as services related to it
How much  commission  on the service and product
– 3 rupees on booking of registered articles
– 5 rupees on the booking of Speed ​​Post Articles
– Rs 3.50 on booking of money order of 100 to 200 rupees, 5 rupees on money order of more than 200 rupees
– 20% additional commission on the booking of more than 1000 articles in the registry and speed post every month.
– 5 percent of the cell amount on the sale of postage stamps, postal stationery and money order forms
– Revenue Stamp, Central Recruitment Fee Stamps etc., 40 percent of the postal department earnings on Retail Services, including sales

Training and award

– Selected franchisee get training from the postal department. Training will be given by the sub-divisional inspector of the area. F

-Franchisees will use the Point of Sale software, they will also get a bar code sticker.
– Franchisee outlet for performing well will also be given awards. The Circle Head will make provision for the annual award.

Criteria of continuation of franchisee

Post office franchises can be opened from metro cities to villages. Minimum revenue generation of Rs. 50,000 per month is mandatory for the franchisee, and should not be negatively impacted at other nearby post office. It will depend on the range of revenue services, location, potential revenue investment, cost etc. The decision to continue the franchisees further is based on review. The first review by the department is done after 6 months of franchisee opening, and the decision to continue before that happens next 6 months, that is, after one whole year. Apart from this, the franchisee is taken every month to take stock.

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