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Nowadays most of the people are crazy towards shopping online because it gives them the opportunity to buy their favorite product in a convenient way. This certainly brings the necessity of payment gateway through which online consumers will be able to process online transactions in a secured way. Even though PayPal is a popular payment method among the online shoppers but still if you have ever experienced any sort of difficulty while dealing with online transactions through PayPal then you can certainly try one of the 7 popular alternatives to PayPal that are discussed below.

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet, formerly known as Google’s checkout is one of the major alternatives to PayPal which will help you in transferring money from or to your bank in a convenient and safe way. Google Wallet enables its users to send invoice and even handle credit card processing through Smartphone, browser and even your Gmail Account.
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2. Payoneer

Payoneer is also a popular online payment service that will help you to transfer or receive money to your local bank account at a nominal rate. Whether you are a professional or even run a small business, Payoneer will help in transferring money worldwide safely.
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3. Apple Pay

If you do not want to waste lots of your valuable time while paying for your favorite products on online stores then Apple Pay will certainly be the best option. Apple Pay is the reliable alternative to PayPal because it confirms online transactions with the help of Touch ID.
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4. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments, a wholly owned subsidiary of is also a popular alternative to PayPal that will help you in dealing with online transactions in a smart way with just the click of your fingers. According to survey, it has been found that Amazon Payments is functionally more appealing than PayPal.
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5. ProPay

ProPay is also a major online payment gateway alternative to PayPal that enables its users to send and receive money worldwide. Besides offering unique features, ProPay boosts for being one of the secured payment options approved by eBay. ProPay also allows its valuable users to pay for online payments with the help of ProPay JAK, a unique credit and debit card reader that can be easily installed in Android or iOS devices.
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6. Stripe

Stripe is a popular and reliable platform that will help you in dealing with online transactions in a smart and secured way. Even though Stripe and PayPal charge similar amount of processing fee for an online transactions but Stripe is still a better option because it does not charge any sort of monthly fee from its users.
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7. Dwolla

Dwolla is also a secured payment gateway similar to that of PayPal which enables users to transfer money at an affordable charge. A unique feature of Dwolla is that it helps in connecting directly to the bank for transferring funds. Try these secured, reliable, trusted and smart alternatives to PayPal and thereby enjoy handling online transactions in a convenient way.
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