How To Make Career In Robotics

Robotics: Definition, career and demand

Are you a meritorious student who is unable to decide which will be the best career path that will help you to gain success in the future? If you have an interest towards science and technology then you may certainly consider getting higher education in the field of Robotics. Below are discussed some of the unique facts about Robotics that will help you in deciding whether it’s worth choosing as a career.

Definition of Robotics

As the name suggests, Robotics is a unique branch of engineering which deals in designing, manufacturing and even operation of robots. This field brings together different branches of engineering and thereby in order to gain success a person must have in-depth knowledge of software, mechanics and electronics. Besides this, Robotics is also referred to the study of robots that are specially designed to accomplish various types of jobs in a convenient way.

How to make career in Robotics?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of Robotics then it will be wise for you to go through the below steps in order to fulfill your dreams in the best possible way.

1. Study Science courses and Advance Mathematics in high school

The field of Robotics is highly technical and even interesting and thereby it will be wise for you to learn the fundamentals in a proper manner. Make sure to take science courses and advance mathematics in high school. Some of the subjects in which you must give more amount of thrust are trigonometry, algebra, physics, computer-aided design and computer science.

2. Ensure to get valuable advice from an experienced mentor

This is certainly an important step that will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge about the theory and practical aspects of Robotics.

3. Make sure to participate in science exhibitions and fairs

To gain further practical knowledge in this field, it will certainly be wise for you to take an active participation in various science exhibitions and fairs that are organized in your city. Science exhibitions will help you to become aware whether you are capable enough to pursue a career in this filed.

4. Consider to earn a Bachelor’s degree

Since Robotics is an inter- disciplinary course, it will certainly be wise for you to earn a bachelor’s degree in one of the branches such as Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Engineering and even have an interest towards artificial intelligence and robotics. It will always be wise for you to choose a specific program that has been approved by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology and thereby get the opportunity to gain better knowledge on how these major branches of Engineering will enable you to gain success in the field of Robotics.

5. Ensure to join an internship program

If you wish to get some practical knowledge in this field then it will be a wise decision to join an Internship program which is conducted by some of the Engineering colleges and various companies. With the help of internship program you will get the opportunity to become a part of a team dealing in Robotics project.

6. Start finding Jobs as a Robotics Engineer

Now it’s time for you to search for jobs as a Robotics Engineer in some of the reputed companies in different parts of the world. Some of the sectors in which Robotics Engineers can apply for job are Space Research centre, Banking, Investigation, Entertainment industry and even Medicine.

7. Earn a Master degree in Robotics

You can also consider earning a Master degree in Robotics engineering if you wish to enhance your salary in your professional field. It will always be wise to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of Robotics and thereby gain success in professional life.

Demands of robotics now and in future

According to a survey conducted by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which deals in employment of various uncategorized engineers, it has been found that jobs for Robotics engineers is expected to rise at an average rate of 4% from 2014 to 2024. BLS has also published that median salary earned by a Robotics engineer in 2015 is about $95000 a year. Besides this, a recent survey has also highlighted that about 55,790 new vacancies for Robotics engineers will get filled by 2018. These facts certainly highlights that there is a huge demand of Robotics Engineers in the future. With increase in the sales and demand of robots among consumer goods, food and automotive manufacturers, Robotics engineers can certainly expect a huge growth in job opportunities in different parts of the world.

Robotics for kids

Technology has nowadays become a part of human lives and thereby gaining more information about it will certainly make the personal and even professional life of a person easier. Likewise, regardless of the age, schools must also include Robotics in their curriculum in order to make students aware about the latest technology. Some of the major benefits to teach Robotics to kids are-

  • They will be able to gain knowledge about programming in an effective and fun way.
  • Will be able to gain skills that will help them in their professional life.
  • Will help them to become aware about how technology can change their life.
  • Gaining knowledge about Robotics will help students to tackle challenges of the future in a smart way.

Robotics is a creative field that will help in designing next generation machines which will act more like a human and help accomplishing challenging tasks in an easier way.

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