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Have you ever come across an email stating that you have been gifted $300 million donation fund from a diplomat living in United Kingdom? Have you been asked to forward your bank account details to make sure that the specific donation amount gets deposited safely? Then, this is certainly a type of cybercrime or phishing scam that will finally result to cleaning out of your valuable money from the bank account. Below are discussed some vital facts that will help you in gaining detail knowledge about Cybercrime in an easier way.

Definition of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a type of crime that involves computers and networks. In other words, cybercrime is referred to a crime in which a highly experienced and professional computer user or a hacker steals the vital information of an individual person or a company in a motive to perform illegal activity. The unauthorized computer user generally uses high end tools to perform various types of cybercrimes in a smart way. What are the different types of Cybercrimes and its Examples?

1. Identity theft

Identity theft is referred to a cybercrime in which an unknown person tries to steal sensitive information of someone else in order to gain access to his financial resources. The unauthorized computers or hackers generally use the computer networks to steal major information of a person such as his phone number, bank account number, credit card numbers, passwords or even social security number and thereby gain access to his bank account. An unbelievable example of this cybercrime is stealing of millions of dollars of some of the richest people of America that includes Steven Spielberg and Warren Buffet by Abraham Abdallah in 2001.

2. Child pornography

This is also a major type of cybercrime that involves creating and then distributing sexual content on the web. In other words it refers to creating of sexual content of underage children by using computer networks and then distributing them on the internet. A well known example is the case of Peter Scully, an Australian who developed sexual content of small children to sell them on the internet.

3. Cybercrime using computer viruses

The ultimate aim of the makers of the computer viruses is to install or spread the harmful virus or program in the computer system by embedding it in the email of a user that ultimately results to loss of personal data or even sensitive information. A common example is spread of virus within the computer network once an unknown email with an attachment is opened by a user.

4. Cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism has emerged to be a major cybercrime that has become a threat to the people in different parts of the world. The ultimate target of Cyber terrorism is to intentionally develop terrorism in a specific region. A deadly example of Cyber terrorism is the September 11 attacks or 9/11 attacks in United States of America. The best way to get rid of this unavoidable situation is to prevent sharing of sensitive or private information and even installing unidentified software from the web.

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