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Have you quite often found your friend accessing Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger or even Snapchat through his mobile device? Have you ever wondered what these mobile apps or applications are all about or how these applications have been made? With increase in the use of mobile devices, Smartphone, tablets and even iPhone, there has been an increase in use of mobile apps among the people in different parts of the world. Make sure to go through below lines to gain further knowledge about mobile applications in the best possible way.

What does Mobile Applications referred to?

Mobile Application in other words is a software application which has been uniquely designed to run on different types of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone. The development in the field of mobile applications has brought a huge change in the use of mobile devices which are nowadays not just only used for communication but also for the purpose of gaming, video chatting, reading newspaper, joining social media, search local information, scan a barcode, control a television, transferring money and many more. Mobile applications have been uniquely developed to provide utmost level of entertainment and even make life easier for the users.

Types of Mobile Applications

• Native applications

Native apps refer to mobile applications which have been specially designed to run on specific operating systems such as Windows or iOS. These apps perform fast and even are highly reliable than other types of mobile applications. The developers use separate coding to run a specific application in different types of operating systems.

• Browser or web apps

As the name suggests, web apps are not similar to that of native apps because these applications can neither be stored nor installed within the mobile device. It is actually a mobile version of a website which gives same feel as that of a native app. Web apps can easily run on different types of mobile devices regardless of the operating system that you are using.

• Hybrid App

The hybrid app is otherwise referred to the applications which have been developed by mixing native apps and web apps. This wonderful application is firstly developed or coded in the form of website or web pages using Java script or CSS, HTML and then wrapped into native applications with the help of different platforms such as Cordova.

Why Mobile Apps is useful for Business?

A mobile application is not just only popular among individual users but it has also helped the business firms in a great way. Make sure to go through below points to become aware about the importance of apps for a business.

• Will help a business in gaining brand image

With the help of a mobile app, it will be easier for a business to communicate with its customers on a regular basis and thereby make them aware about the brand. A mobile app will be effective in educating the customers about the benefits of using the products and services.

• Will help them in buying products or getting services on the go

A mobile app for a business is certainly one of the best platforms that will make life easier for potential buyers. For instance, with the help of mobile apps like Amazon, Ebay or various other popular online stores, it has become easier for the potential customers to buy their favorite product on the go.

• Will be able to target customers on location basis

A smart way to gain success in a business is by targeting right person in right time and place. With the help of geo location technology in a mobile app, it will be easier to target potential customers at right place and time and thereby increase sales in a smart way.

What are the steps to build Mobile Apps?

Below are discussed major steps to create mobile app in a successful way.

1. Clearly identify the reason to build an app

The first important step is to analyze the reason behind building a mobile app. In order to do so, you need to determine a specific problem that users can easily handle with the help of your app. Look around you and analyze a problem that can be easily solved using the mobile app.

2. What type of app will be developed?

The next vital step will be to determine the type of app that you wish to develop. You can either go for web apps, native apps or hybrid apps according to your need and depth of knowledge. Besides this, try to analyze whether your mobile app will run on all the major mobile platforms available in the market.

3. Design the app

The next important step is to design the app uniquely to attract potential users in a smart way. Some of the tools that can help you in app designing are Invision (iOS, Android), Android Sketch Paper, iOS Sketch Paper and Laudable Apps (iOS). Use one of these tools to give a unique color and theme to the mobile app.

4. Choose a specific App development tool

Whether you want to develop an app for Windows, Android or iOS, make sure to use popular tools that will help you in handling this step in a smart way. Each of the tools has its own features so ensure to choose a specific one according to your purpose. Some of the popular mobile app developing tools are-

5. Publish the app on App store

Finally it’s time for you to publish your app on one of the reliable and reputed mobile App stores. Some of the popular app stores that will help you in attracting potential traffic are

Make sure to develop a unique app that fulfils user’s demand and publish it on popular App stores to enjoy highest number of downloads in various mobile devices.

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